Public Service Resourcing System

Public Service Resourcing System Administrator Web Site

General Information

The Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS) Administrator Web site allows users to create and manage advertisements and notifications. Administrators can select screening criteria relevant to the position being advertised and the PSRS will screen automatically on essential qualifications. Non-essential criteria can be applied during searches of the applicant pool.

The system can screen on a variety of elements including education, language, work location, organizational needs and occupational certification. Screening tools are available such as experience questionnaires, text questions, and screening questions.

Users can communicate electronically with applicants through e-mails, notes to applicant accounts, and invitations to tests and interviews. PSRS also sends system-generated messages to applicant accounts whenever the status of their application changes.

When an advertisement is open or closed, the Reports function on the Main Menu screen allows users to track the number of applications received and obtain information on language, employment equity, and citizenship.

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